The Band


“Rock Trio.

These two words describe South Jones well enough but they are, after all, just words. And where music is concerned the only proper way to truly understand the intentions and motives of the rock resurrection that is South Jones is to listen.

This party of three combines the soulful rasp of John Paul Carmody’s voice, his crafty guitar, Michael Saucier’s precision bass, and Jackson Purvis’s energetic percussion, allotting for a dynamic of sound often unseen in music today that’s deeply missed.

It all started after a meeting of musical fate where Jackson met John Paul through a mutual friend and then played together in a band with a few others for a while. They soon realized the creative dynamic between the two of them clicked well enough for them to eventually leave their band to seek new ventures. The two set to work writing collaboratively and soon enough the decision was made to call in ‘the big guns’ as they have referred to him as such, meaning, of course, bass player Michael Saucier. Jackson knew Saucier in college and, having played in a band with him before, he knew adding Saucier to the mix was exactly what they needed to get South Jones where it needed to be. With band members finalized, it was time to set to work on their first album. They needed to find a subject and find a subject, they did. But more on that here.

Ever since, South Jones has been spreading their sound to places around New Orleans like Banks St. Bar and The Howlin’ Wolf Den, performing covers ranging from “Readymade” by Red Hot Chili Peppers to “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin to “Sweet Little Angel” by B. B. King as well as their originals off the aforementioned album, Free State, while their influences include Free, Warren Haynes, Gov’t Mule, and RHCP among others.

Now, having plenty of shows under their belt and in no way strangers to a live audience, these guys have learned how to entertain and are in possession of that elusive talent of establishing connections between the heart of their music and the soul of their watchful crowd.”


Free State is now complete! Physical copies can be purchased on Monday nights at Banks St. Bar in Mid City, New Orleans, LA, USA.

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